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Monday 18th December - Christmas Party

Lodge Enterprise December Meeting Change


There will be no meeting of Lodge Enterprise No.400 in December. But we will be holding a Christmas Party on the 3rd Monday (18th December) starting at 6.30pm. Members and their ladies, friends, prospective candidates and their families are invited to attend. All our regular visiting Masonic Brethren are also invited. DRESS: SMART CASUAL Cost: $15.00 P/P, Children under 11yrs: $5.00 each. Children and Grandchildren Welcome - A small gift will be provided for children under 11 years.    For catering purposes PLEASE advise our Secretary on 0249 584677 or the Wor. Master on 0249 447854. or ring 0429153901

Upcoming Events

January Meeting - 22nd January 2018

It was decided that, given the proliferation of Burns Night type meetings now being held and the proximity of our January meeting to Australia Day, an Australian Trivia Quiz night would be very appropriate.   After an early meal provided by our “All Australian Kitchen Goddess”, the Trivia Quiz will commence.   Teams of six will vie for intellectual superiority, bragging rights and eagerly sought after prizes.   At the end of the evening members and visitors will go their separate ways with their brain cells firing at almost superhuman intensity having been challenged to exert all of their intellectual power to excel in our Quiz.   It is hoped that this hyper-tuned brain state will not lead to speeding fines or sleeplessness over many nights.   Those charged with creating and refining this quiz are already suffering some of these extreme symptoms.   Why, one of them was even chased by and pulled over by police for simply being in the vicinity!    We have not quite worked out in the vicinity of what, but how telling is that?   It all bodes well for an exciting (and entertaining) evening.

Interested in becoming a Freemason?

To be one, ask one…. If you live in the Newcastle area and wish to know how to become a Freemason, please go to “Contact Us” page and send us an e-mail with your contact information, someone from Lodge Enterprise No.400 will get back to you.

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What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest fraternal societies. It provides a code of living in to-days society based on morals and ethical standards.


Freemasons are ordinary men in the community, of all religions and backgrounds, who share a concern for human values, moral standards, respect for the laws of society and the rights of individuals? What values do masons promote?– We value family and community. We also promote ethics, tolerance, education, diversity, philanthropy and believe there is more to life than pleasure and money. To supply the wants and needs of others by charitable deeds. And to make good men better men. There may be many reasons why a man will choose to be come a Freemason. It ia an organisation that promotes self-development, family and community values. It provides men with an opportunity for public service and hands on involvement in charitable and community issues, as well as the chance to socialise with men from all walks of life( without religious or political barriers).

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