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April Meeting - Monday, 23rd April 2018

Lodge Enterprise's annual "ANZAC" Memorial Tribute night, paying respect to the fallen in all Wars After welcoming visiting Masonic brethren, the Lodge will close and all visitors including ladies will be admitted into the lodge room. The Catafalque Party will enter the lodge room and the Memorial Tribute Service will begin. After the service all will adjourn to the South for a catered dinner (Dining Fee $10pp).  

Upcoming Events

May Meeting - Saturday, 5th May 2018

Members and visitors please note that Lodge Enterprise has changed its May meeting night from Monday 28th May to Saturday 5th May, 2018.

The change of meeting night is to accommodate the annual Fraternal Visit from The Leichhardt Lodge No. 133 whose members will travel from Sydney to carry out the work of the evening.

(Dining Fee $10pp).

Interested in becoming a Freemason?

To be one, ask one…. If you live in the Newcastle area and wish to know how to become a Freemason, please go to “Contact Us” page and send us an e-mail with your contact information, someone from Lodge Enterprise No.400 will get back to you.

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What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest fraternal societies. It provides a code of living in to-days society based on morals and ethical standards.


Freemasons are ordinary men in the community, of all religions and backgrounds, who share a concern for human values, moral standards, respect for the laws of society and the rights of individuals? What values do masons promote?– We value family and community. We also promote ethics, tolerance, education, diversity, philanthropy and believe there is more to life than pleasure and money. To supply the wants and needs of others by charitable deeds. And to make good men better men. There may be many reasons why a man will choose to be come a Freemason. It ia an organisation that promotes self-development, family and community values. It provides men with an opportunity for public service and hands on involvement in charitable and community issues, as well as the chance to socialise with men from all walks of life( without religious or political barriers).

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