Rt W. Bro Jamie Melville AGM, W.Bro Glenn Carr and his wife

The assistant Grand Master Rt Wor Bro Jamie Melville, The Wor.Master Wor Bro Glenn Carr and his wife.

The Waratah Lodge No. 170 held a special Re-Consecration Meeting in the Glades Function Centre, Warners Bay, soon to be part of the Newcastle Masonic Centre, on Friday night 8th February, 2013. This meeting was the anniversary of the Consecration of The Waratah Lodge 125 years ago and was the first Lodge meeting held at the new centre.

The Worshipful Master, Officers and Brethren invited the Grand Master and his Ceremonial Team to Newcastle to conduct the Re-Consecration Ceremony. Invitations were also extended to special guests, freemasons and their wives, and interested members of the public. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Grand Master was unable to attend.

A steady stream of Masonic brethren, and their ladies, Official Guests, and members of the public arrived at the Function Centre for the 6pm starting time.

The Grand Lodge Ceremonial Team entered the specially prepared lodge room, and the Acting Grand Master Rt. Wor. Bro. Jamie Melville proceeded to welcome the Official Guests namely: the State Members for the Seats of Charlestown and Swansea, Mr  Andrew Cornwell and Mr  Garry Edwards and his wife; and the Mayor of The City of Lake Macquarie Mrs Jodie Harrison and her husband. After welcoming all others present, he then opened the Grand Lodge and proceeded to conduct the Re-Consecration Ceremony. At the conclusion of the Ceremony the Grand Lodge was closed and the Grand Lodge Ceremonial Team then exited the Lodge Room followed by the Official Guests, members of The Waratah Lodge and the visiting brethren.

        All Masons and their ladies then joined the Grand Lodge members and other guests at the beautifully prepared dining room where the official reception speeches were presented by the Worshipful Master of The Waratah Lodge No.170, Wor. Bro. Glenn Carr. In his speech he asked all the masons present to rise and drink a Toast to the Grand Master. The Acting Grand Master, Rt. Wor. Bro. Melville responded on behalf of the Grand Master. Toasts to the Official Guests and the visiting Brethren were also given and responded to.

Many of the Freemasons who were present, stated that this was the first time they had witnessed a Consecration or a Re-Consecration Ceremony, owing to the fact that there are not many new Lodges being formed, as in the past. The new Masonic Centre, to be built adjacent to the Function Centre, should soon be started and completion is anticipated to be within a year.

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