May 2013 saw an Exemplification of the First Degree with Bro. Simon Ioata kindly ‘volunteering’ to act as our candidate. This work was chosen to allow officers to refine their skills for when Lodge Enterprise carries out the Degree work at our Sydney visit on the 18th May.

It was hoped that Bro. Andy Hartley would be the candidate , for him to experience an initiation by the NSW ritual, but unfortunately he was not able to attend. Bro. Hartley was nevertheless accepted by ballot as a newly Affiliated Member of Lodge Enterprise and the Lodge welcomes his membership.

I thank those who attended the Fraternal Visit to Lodge Sincerity where a very interesting ANZAC night was presented by RT. Wor. Bro. Alf Carpenter.  Support for Lodge Enterprise at our Fraternal Visits is always appreciated and is a way of showing your dedication to this Lodge and to the craft.

Finally, I am looking for more members to show their interest in Freemasonry by being prepared to learn charges from the Ritual.

Berry Stephenson—— Worshipful Master.