From The Master’s Chair

July was an historic night for Lodge Enterprise because of the vote to approve the amalgamation with Lodge Friendship No.158. The vote was carried unanimously.  After the expected favourable vote from Lodge Friendship, the application will be forwarded to Grand Lodge for final approval. The first meeting is planned as Monday, 25th November, 2013.

I take this opportunity to thank all members of the amalgamation committee from both Lodges for their good work which was conducted in a co-operative and friendly manner at all times. Because of the amalgamation, Lodge Enterprise will not be having an Installation Ceremony in 2013 as all officers will be continuing in their present positions.

The June fraternal visit to Lodge City of Newcastle had an excellent attendance from Lodge Enterprise and I thank all for their support. There is no planned fraternal visit for July.

Finally, at our July meeting Mr. Andrew Cornwell MP was thanked for presenting a very interesting address, after the Lodge was closed, on his life as a vet. He, in turn, thanked the Lodge for a most enjoyable night.

Barry Stephenson Worshipful Master