From the Master’s Chair


The Wor. Master V. Wor Bro. Barry Stephenson

The Wor. Master V. Wor Bro. Barry Stephenson

The consolidation meeting of Lodge Enterprise had 56 in attendance, including over 40 members and a very enjoyable night was had by all present. It was a ‘getting to know you’ event with music; and Enterprise name badges were presented to former active Friendship members.

Each of the officers gave a brief outline of their Masonic and work careers, as well as a few personal details, and all gained from the better understanding of their backgrounds.

District 41 DGIW V.Wor.Bro. Gary Herrett was present for the entire meeting and he congratulated the Lodge on the manner the consolidation took place without opposition at any time in the year of meetings and negotiations. He also expressed his best wishes for the future of the Lodge which is moving forward from a sound base of officers and members as well as financially.

Catering on this occasion was by Graeme Smith and his assistant, and the fine meal was appreciated by all.

Several members will no longer be able to attend meetings due to failing health and we advise that our thoughts will always be with them.


Finally, I take this opportunity to wish you and your families all the best for the Festive Season, including your ability to share in the true spirit of Christmas.

Barry Stephenson                Worshipful Master