From the Master’s Chair


The Wor. Master V. Wor Bro. Barry Stephenson

The Wor. Master V. Wor Bro. Barry Stephenson

Saturday, November 2nd was the last meeting of ‘old’ Lodge Enterprise and was the occasion of the annual fraternal visit of The Leichhardt Lodge. It was great to see such a fine number make the journey from Sydney and to see Wor.Bro. Darren Allett and his Officers so ably carry out the passing of their Bro. Sebastian Montalto to the 2nd Degree.

Thanks again to Gail Marshall and Bro. Ron Treay for their catering at the festive board.

On the Sunday not all the Leichhardt brethren could be present. Those who were able journeyed to the home of Wor.Bro. Bruce Chadwick at Bolton Point. With fine weather, and a good number of Enterprise members present, a most enjoyable day was had by all.

The first game of steel quoits for 15 years was held and the famous ‘Quoits’ Trophy was won by The Leichhardt Lodge.

My thanks go to Wor.Bro. Bruce for allowing us to use his home and facilities which were ideal for the occasion. Thanks also to those who assisted him in preparing food, cooking etc.

Finally, the Consolidation and first meeting of NEW Lodge Enterprise will be held on the 4th Monday, 25th November. I hope to see a good number in attendance on this historic occasion.

                                                                                                     Barry Stephenson         Worshipful Master