Wor. Bro. Claus with a admirer 100_4938

Wor. Bro. Claus with an admirer

Wor Bro Claus with a Friend 100_4940

Wor Bro Claus with a friendLodge

Lodge  Enterprise No. 400

Christmas Meeting

The Spirit of Christmas was alive and well at the Christmas meeting of Lodge Enterprise No.400 on Monday night 16th December. In attendance were 38 members, 19 Ladies, 4 children and 8 visiting Masons, a total of 69 people.

All Masons including the visitors were present when the Wor. Master, V. Wor. Bro. Barry Stephenson opened the Lodge at 6pm. The business of the Lodge then took place, after which all present were given a warm welcome. The Lodge was then closed at 6.45pm and all retired the South.

While the Lodge Meeting was in progress, Wor. Bro. Paul Clarke entertained all of the Ladies, keeping them supplied with liquid refreshments, assorted cheeses and savoury dips and the children with potato chips and cordials.

When all were seated at the tables, all decorated with Christmas decorations, Grace was presented by our Wor. Bro. Chaplain and the volunteer waiters serve the ham and turkey salad. Shortly afterwards there was a report at the door and it was announced to the Wor. Master that Bro. Claus was at the door, seeking admission. The Wor. Master asked the children present if they thought that he should be allowed to enter.  There was a resounding response of “YES” and he was duly admitted. Wor. Bro. John Ross led the procession playing the bagpipes, followed by Santa and his assistant Elf Wor Bro. Phil Holden, caring a Christmas pudding. Santa presented the pudding to the Wor. Master asking him to prepare it for serving, the Wor Master replied that he was unable to assist owing to the fact that he did not have the necessary working tools to carry out that duty. On presenting the pudding to the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden who both failed for the same reason, the Junior Warden instructed Santa to deliver it to the kitchen where it would be severely dealt with.  Following the Christmas pudding dessert, Wor. Bro. Paul Clarke gave the toast to the Spirit of Christmas, which was well received by all.

Brethren and visiting non-masons were then requested to escort their ladies into the lodge room where the Christmas Spirit was further enhanced by singing Christmas carols, accompanied by the Lodge Enterprise Orchestra. Before retiring all present took part in singing “Auld Lang Syne”.

On returning to the South, V. Wor. Bro. Brian Stephens and his wife Desma started the Christmas Hamper ‘Auction’. 9 hampers were prepared with various items:  Gardening tools, Kitchen items, Ladies cosmetics, confectionaries and lots more. Most of these parcels were won by the ladies present. Half way thought the auction, Wor. Bro.Mark Pollard, IPM of Lodge Cessnock, responded to the Visitors Toast on behalf of the visiting brethren and gave Lodge Enterprise a Ten out of Ten for this wonderful night in Masonry.  The night started with the Spirit of Christmas and ended in the same way.

Brethren and Ladies in the South 100_4924

Brethren and Ladies in the South

Brethren and Ladies seated in the South 100_4926

Wor Bro Paul Clarke delivers the toast to the Spirit of Christmas