Bro Marl Wolff receiving his Master Masons Certificate

Bro Marl Wolff receiving his Master Masons Certificate

Wor. Bro. Wal Williams receiving his 60 years Certificate 100_5315

Wor. Bro. Wal Williams receiving his 60 year certificate.









Lodge Enterprise No. 400 March Meeting Report

Although our numbers were down a little, both in members and visitors, due to holidays, touring, some illness and a clash of meeting nights with another order; those who were present witnessed a wonderful night in Freemasonry. Bro Wal Williams received his 60 years long service certificate and at the other end of service, Bro Mark Wolff was presented with his Master Mason’s certificate, both very significant presentations, each brother rightly proud of the occasion. V W Bro Col Thorpe, our masoniCaring Officer,  received his MasoniCare identity name badge along with congratulations, both from Grand Lodge and the brethren of our Lodge.

The Lodge’s work of the evening was the presentation of the M.O.P,  First Degree Working Tools, 2nd degree Working Tools and the Second Tracing Board. The two sections of the ritual in the First Degree were presented by two of our youngest masons, their first attempt at ritual work; Bro Darren Rolph and Bro Sam Dalzell. The Second Degree work was presented in a most professional manner by two of our more experienced brethren and at the closing of the Lodge the Worshipful Master congratulated them all. In between each charge the Lodge Enterprise orchestra provided some old time favourites and looking around the Lodge room one could see quite a few feet taping out the beat, bringing back memories of dance nights in years past.

We then adjourned to the south to enjoy a fine repast provided by Gail and her able assistant, Narelle, their work in the kitchen is really appreciated by all the brethren. The night concluded with much friendly banter amongst the brethren.

I look forward to our next meeting which will be an ANZAC ceremony that is open to your ladies and friends, our guest speaker will touch on some of the clothing that was sent to the soldiers in the first WW.