From The Master’s Chair

I trust that you all came through the devastating storm that hit Newcastle with no damage to your property and no injuries to yourself. I know that a lot of us were, back in darkness, but eventually we were once again brought, back to light.

As this is the 100th Anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli we tried to improve our “ANZAC” Memorial meeting which was held on the 27th April by adding something special to our usual format by arranging a special guest speaker. We tried to engage Mr John Gilham an adult educator, military and social historian, and author, but unfortunately he was not able to attend, owing to circumstances beyond his or our control. A last minute call to V. Wor. Bro. Barry Stephenson for assistance saved the day.  A talk was given by V. Wor. Bro. Stephenson on his visit to the Gallipoli battlefield and I thank him for his dedication. Again my thanks also go to the military catafalque party and the Enterprise orchestra for their talents. The meeting had an excellent attendance of masons, non-masons and ladies and all agreed it was a most successful night.

I am looking forward to our May meeting when we will be initiating Mr. Joel Hartcher. Joel is very keen to join Freemasonry. He was present in the South at our Christmas celebrations and again at our “ANZAC” meeting. He plans to accompany us on our weekend Fraternal to Sydney on the 23/24th May prior to his initiation on the 25th May.

On our trip to The Leichhardt Lodge we will be raising to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason, Bro. John Rogen, a member of that Lodge.

The Combined District Meeting of District 14 will be held under the charter of Lodge Sincerity No.233 on Saturday night, 9th May. I have been requested to carry out the duties of Senior Warden in an Exemplification of the Second Degree and V. Wor. Bro. Gordon Taylor will do the Final Charge. As the lodges of the District have been requested to enter the lodge room with Fraternal Visitations I would appreciate your support by your attendance at this meeting.

Worshipful Master—- Worshipful. Bro. Arthur Rolph

Wor. Brother Arthur Rolph Wor. Master

Wor. Brother Arthur Rolph Wor. Master