From the Master’s Chair May 2015

Member numbers were down at our June meeting mainly due winter infections that occur at this time of the year. Our meeting was however still very successful, going by the comments of members and visiting brethren who praised Bro Paul Harden for the way he presented the “Explanation of the First Tracing Board”. Bro Harden again showed he is a master at delivering this long charge and once again I thank him for his efforts. Bro Joel Hartcher, who was initiated in May, was present to hear this charge and stated that he was very impressed with Bro Harden’s explanation.

I would like to thank V. Wor Bro Barry Stephenson, Wor Bro Phil Holden and Bro Paul Harden for accompanying me to the home of Bro Merv Dunne at Waratah. We presented Bro Dunne with his belated 50 year certificate. Bro Dunne who lives on his own, has not been well and his family, who live in Sydney, have found him a nursing home nearer to them and he departed for Sydney the day after our visit. Bro Dunne and Wor. Bro. George Leask have both asked for their Clearances for health reasons. It is sad to see them leave and we wish them well. We thank them both for their dedication to the Lodge over many years. Our Caring Officer will be keeping in touch with them both.

I also again thank Mrs Gail Marshall, Mrs Narelle Harden and Mrs Cheryl Richardson for their assistance in catering for our South. All the brethren present at our meetings are well taken care of with the meals they provide. Ladies your efforts are very much appreciated.

To our fabulous musicians, for their talents in providing us with wonderful music during our meetings, thank you very much.

And finally, we are still looking for volunteers to take office within the Lodge. As I have already stated we have brethren who have held office for quite a considerable amount of time, and would like to retire from office. If you are interested please contact me or our Secretary.

Wor Bro Arthur Rolph —– Worshipful Master.

Wor. Brother Arthur Rolph Wor. Master

Wor. Brother Arthur Rolph Wor. Master