From the Master’s Chair

The 2014/15 Masonic year is fast drawing to an end and a new 2015/16 term will start. We will not be holding an Installation in September this year as there is only four officers to be invested namely the Treasurer, Senior and Junior Deacons, Inner Guard and one Stewards and I thank those brethren for taking those position.

When you come to Lodge you tick a presence book as well as signing one. This book you tick is for the Membership officer, as a guide to the health of the Lodge (as in the number of attending members). From the results of the ticking of this book over the last 7 months the result is encouraging as the attending members is 44.5% of membership. And from the actual attendance book visiting Brethren averaged 11.85 visitor per Month. Both of these outcomes could be better if two thing happen. firstly if we can entice more members to come back to Lodge and secondly to improve our meetings by making them more interesting and improving performance in our ritual. I don’t think we can improve our South’s any better than they are now, going by the comments from members and especially our visitors.

I will take this opportunity to thank firstly to Mrs Gail Marshall, Mrs Cheryl Richardson and Mrs Narelle Harden for preparing our meals each Month.

Mrs Desma Stephens for sowing up of the Curtains that now hang in the south, to cover the spare chairs and V. Wor. Bro’s Brian Stephens and Warren Mitchell for installation of the rails and for the hanging of the curtain. V. Wor Bro. Gordon Taylor for arranging the movies that were shown at our last meeting and for his assistance throughout the year.  To those brethren who have occupied the different officers positions for the 2014/15 term, especially our retiring officers who have both served the Lodge with distinction for many years namely, Wor Bro Jim Richardson (Treasurer) and Wor Bro Morrie Regan ( Deacon ). And finally my thanks to all of the members for the support and encouragement that you have given me throughout the last year and I look forward to the same next term.

Wor Bro Arthur Rolph—- Wor. Master

Wor. Brother Arthur Rolph Wor. Master

Wor. Brother Arthur Rolph Wor. Master