What‘s Coming up in Lodge Enterprise?

Exciting times are ahead for Lodge Enterprise in the coming months.

At our October meeting on Saturday 31st October we will have the Fraternal Visitation from The Leichhardt Lodge. This is an annual event and our members look forward to seeing our Brothers from the Big Smoke doing the work in the Lodge Room and enjoying the weekend visit with them.

In November we will be passing Brother Joel Hartcher to the 2nd Degree and I know that Bro. Hartcher is looking forward to taking his second step in Freemasonry. Joel has been very impressed with what he has experienced so far in Masonry and we hope his enthusiasm continues.

December means Christmas celebrations both in the Lodge and in our homes. On the 3rd Monday (21st December) our Christmas Meeting will be held and ladies, children, friends and non-Masons are invited to attend on that night. And, of course, Wor. Bro. Claus (Santa) will pay us a visit as well.

January, 2016 will see the amalgamation of Lodge Star in the West Sedgwick into Lodge Enterprise and, as Star in the West Sedgwick has a Scottish history and Australia Day being held the day after our meeting, we will hold a combined Australian/Scottish night.

Our New Lambton Masonic Centre is being steadily improved. We have hung curtains to hide the spare chairs and improve the acoustics of the hall. More curtains are being made to cover the storage space above the cupboards in the South. Other improvements are also being organised and considered, including upgrades to the toilet area.

Wor Master Lodge Enterprise No.400:   Wor. Bro. Arthur Rolph


Wor. Brother Arthur Rolph Wor. Master

Wor. Brother Arthur Rolph Wor. Master