With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, no doubt you will be well into your plans for the Season’s festivities.


Lodge Enterprise has had a very good year with successful meetings including degree work, Masonic education and Fraternal Visitations, these have been supported with good attendances from both members and visitors.


Improvements are in progress within the New Lambton Masonic Centre, in the dining area and toilets. I have elsewhere thanked the volunteers who participated in doing the work, but I must once again thank all of the ladies who have given their time and efforts in the preparation of our meals in the South, making curtains and any other requests of help that have been made of them.


At our last meeting Bro. Joel Hartcher made us proud in the way he showed confidence, attention to charges and knowledge when taking his 2nd Degree. The visiting Brethren also made comments on his demeanour as an excellent candidate.


The consolidation of Lodge Star in the West Sedgwick and Lodge Enterprise is now finalised and the first meeting of the new consolidated Lodge Enterprise will take place on Monday 25th January. The new lodge will have three Fraternal visitations: the existing exchange visits with The Leichhardt Lodge and two new ones, the first will be in February when we will be hosts to Lodge Benjamin Pryor No.709; the second  will be in August when we will travel to Maitland to visit Lodge Wallis Plains No.4. The work to be done on these occasions will be announced in the New Year.


Another consolidation planned in the New Year will be between Lodge City of Newcastle No. 1035, Lodge Sincerity No.233 and The Waratah Lodge No.170. The new lodge will be Lodge City of Newcastle No.170.  The plan is for this Lodge to meet at New Lambton Masonic Centre until the new Masonic Centre, on Hillsborough Road, is completed. With this consolidation and move, New Lambton Masonic Centre will lose two tenant lodges but will still remain viable.


I hope that you will all have a safe and merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

W Bro. Arthur Rolph——Worshipful Master

Wor. Brother Arthur Rolph Wor. Master

Wor. Brother Arthur Rolph Wor. Master