Lodge Room at Camp Fire Meeting at Port Macquarie September 2015

Lodge Room at Camp Fire Meeting at Port Macquarie September 




Camp Fire at Port Macquarie

Camp Fire at Port Macquarie

Lodge Room at the Camp Fire Meeting at Port Macquarie September 2015

Lodge Room at the Camp Fire Meeting at Port Macquarie September 2015

On Saturday 26 September 2015, Lachlan Macquarie Lodge No 1042 UGL of NSW and ACT, held a very special commemorative meeting in the wine cellar at the Douglas Vale Historic Homestead and Winery at Port Macquarie.

The theme of the evening was to turn back the clock 150 years, hence the mode of dress was casual, no suits or ties.

A lot of preparation was carried out by the Worshipful Master, Wor. Bro. Bill Krantzcke and members of the Lodge. These included a beautifully hand quilted floor cloth, miniature tracing boards, working tools and pedestals. It was interesting to note that the Junior Wardens pedestal was the bar.

The officers of the Lodge entered at 5.00 PM. They were assisted by officers from the Corrective Services Lodge who held a meeting at Port Macquarie on the previous evening. At the door of the Lodge were 2 Tylers and 2 Inner Guards. Members and visitors including 3 Entered Apprentices and I Fellowcraft were then admitted prior to the opening of the Lodge.

After an abbreviated First Degree Walkabout, the Entered Apprentices were asked to retire and the Lodge passed to the Second Degree. The Second Degree Walkabout was then presented by V. Wor. Bro. Alan Williams, the DGIW of District 13, assisted by the 2 Deacons. To emphasise the shadows of the Deacons wands spotlights were installed in the NE and SW and the house lights turned off. This proved very effective as the shadows lined up perfectly. The Lodge was closed in the Second Degree and resumed in the First. The Entered Apprentices were admitted for the closing of the Lodge.

Another interesting innovation was the anthems. In keeping with the theme of the evening “Botany Bay” was sung at the opening, “Click go the Shears” in the Second Degree and “I still call Australia Home” at the closing. These were accompanied by the Lodge’s organist playing an accordion. He also threw in “God save the Queen” after the National Anthem.

Whilst the Brethren were in the meeting the wives and partners were given a tour of the Historic Homestead and had an opportunity to sample the wines from the vines.

Everyone then adjourned to a marquee for the South consisting of traditional roast meats and garden fresh vegetables. After feasting all assembled around the fire pit for the lighting of the camp fire.

An interesting and enjoyable evening was had by the 50 Brethren and Ladies in attendance.

———–Wor. Bro. David Padgett PM