Rt. Wor. Bro. Clause presents a Christmas Pudding to the M.C. for the night V. Wor. Bro. Terry Holstein

Wor. Bro. Arthur Rolph presents a cheque for $1000 to the representatives of Jenny’s Place a Women Refuge for victims of Domestic Violences

Bro. Mark Wolff with his daughter Annemeike

Lodge Enterprise Christmas Meeting 2016

The Spirit of Christmas was enjoyed by all attending the Lodge Enterprise No.400 Christmas celebration meeting held on the 19th December, 2016 at the New Lambton Masonic Centre.

  1. Wor. Bro. Terry Holstein acted as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

     At 6.30pm the Brethren were asked to escort their wives and guests into the Lodge Room for the singing of Christmas carols. The Lodge Enterprise orchestra provided the wonderful music we have come to expect from them. The singing of the carols was under the supervision of V. Wor. Bro. Kevin Goodwin, who was appropriately dressed for the occasion.

       After a half hour of singing a halt was called for the purpose of presenting a cheque for $1000 to Jenny’s Place, a refuge for women in Newcastle who are victims of domestic violence. Of this donation $905 was raised throughout the year by distributing a blue MasoniCare bag around in the South at each meeting calling for whatever coin may remain in the Brethrens’ pockets. The Lodge helped out by adding money to round out the total.

When the Carol singing ended, all were invited to adjourn to the Christmas Festive Board. The South was adorned with flashing Christmas lights and a Christmas tree, and the tables beautifully decorated by Mrs Desma Stephens.

      An “alarm” (knock) was heard at the door and it was announced that Rt. Wor. Bro. Santa Claus was seeking admission. Annemieke Wolff, the 2 1/2 year old daughter of Bro. Mark Wolff, on hearing who was at the door, gave out a loud “SANTA”. It was wonderful to witness the enthusiasm in a child at Christmas. He was duly admitted to the sound of bagpipes played by Wor. Bro. John Ross and a lot of ‘HO, HO, HO SANTA!’

         There were 15 prizes shared between the fortunate winners of the Christmas Raffle. Mrs Kleinman cooked a beautiful Christmas cake for an additional raffle which was won by the MC, V. Wor. Bro. Terry Holstein. Mrs Kleinman also nominated Jenny’s Place as the recipient of the proceeds which totalled $240. The representatives of Jenny’s Place, Ms Rosemary Pillay and Ms Pamela Morris were very appreciative of the donations and thanked the Lodge, its members and Mrs Kleinman for their generosity.

       Also present as a special guest was Mr Michael Neljandi, son of our late esteemed member Rt. Wor. Bro. Erik Neljandi PSGW.  It was a wonderful night of good food, celebrations, laughter and happiness.