V. W. Bro. John McDonald, R.W. Bro. J. McNaughton and W. Bro. Geoff Williams

Fraternal to Lodge Benjamin Pryor
Following an established custom, Lodge Enterprise made a fraternal visitation to Lodge Benjamin Pryor in early February. The team presented an examination of the question; “What does Freemasonry ask of us?”
This examination was focussed on the personal behavioural requirements outlined in the First Degree. Those charges or parts of charges which described the behaviours, characteristics and attitudes required of Masons were introduced, delivered and discussed leading to a possible answer to our original question.
The conclusion drawn was that there is indeed no absolutely definitive answer. Each individual Mason must formulate his own answer based on the information presented to him and his interpretation of it. The basis of each and every answer would of necessity be the teachings of the Volume of The Sacred Law.
Together with the Worshipful Master, seven brethren formed the delegation from Lodge Enterprise. Due to the unavailability of our exponent of The Address to the Brethren our Master called for a volunteer to deliver this charge. Wor Bro Col Webber from Lodge Benjamin Pryor exhibited many of the qualities we examined in our presentation and made an excellent voluntary contribution.
We extend our gratitude to Master and brethren of Lodge Benjamin Pryor for their welcome and hospitality. Long may our relationship continue.