The evening commenced with all the members and their families being welcomed into the Hall by the music of  “The Red River Roosters” band. As this was to be a Country Music evening, all the masons and their families arrived dressed in suitable attire for the evening’s fun. However, one or two visitors who had not been aware of the dress code for the evening arrived in their “penguin” suits, thus adding to this colourful group of masons ready for the August meeting of Lodge Enterprise.

The Lodge was opened at 7 PM and a short business meeting was held with Lodge members and visiting masons present. At its conclusion the Worshipful Master welcomed all present and then closed the Lodge to retire and join with the ladies and guests in the South for an evening of Country Music and festivities.

Our member numbers were down a bit due to holidays and sickness and maybe the quite chilly winters evening but it was more than made up for with our ladies and guests.

Our Worshipful Master, W Bro Geoff Williams, who was part of the band, was also our MC and after grace,  organised the serving of the excellent meal, prepared by the “Kitchen Goddesses” (Teresa and Vicky).

Some changes were made to the normal procedures of the festive board to suit the occasion (with the toasts etc) much to the amusement of all present but we still managed to sing the usual Lodge Enterprise visitors toast song. 

The band launched into a medley of great old country music songs with Geoff providing an entertaining barrage of quips and word changes to some of the songs while he rhythmically gave his “rooster box” a thrashing, sometimes in tune with the music. One of our guests and his lady tried to get the dancing started and even our Director of Ceremonies (Arthur) had a brief go at the dance floor, but everyone was too relaxed, (one guest was even noticed snoozing). Our DGIW (incognito) was even enticed to join the band for a couple of songs, to everyones great delight.

Our usual lucky draw was held near the end of the night with several ladies managing to collect a prize and the charity raffle ticket sale for “jenny’s Place” went well, the draw to be held next meeting.

The night finished with an old old favourite, “ Bye Bye Birdy” to see us on our way home.

At the end the evening many commented on a great evening and that the music provided by the band bought back wonderful memories of younger times.