Presentation of 60 Year Certificate to V. Wor Bro Gordon Taylor

After sixty years of service to his Lodge and to Freemasonry V. Wor. Bro Gordon Taylor PDGIW was presented with his Sixty Year Certificate at the meeting of Lodge Enterprise No. 400 on Monday night the 27th November. Over the years Gordon has held many of the officer’s positions and continues to do so. He is a very valuable member of Lodge Enterprise with his vast knowledge of ritual and his capacity to work with computer programs to keep track of necessary records such as Financial Matters, Masonic Building records and Membership. Congratulations V. Wor Bro Gordon.

Presentation of 70 Year Certificate to V. Wor Bro Roy Gibbs

Also a presentation was held on Thursday Morning at the Mayfield Aged Care Home in Mayfield Newcastle. The presentation of a Seventy Year Certificate was presented to V. Wor Bro Roy Gibbs PGDC by the brethren of Lodge Enterprise No.400. Before going to visit Bro Roy, six brethren met at Wests Leagues Club at New Lambton to enjoy an English breakfast and to enjoy each other’s company.  On arriving at the Age Care Units we were welcomed with coffee and cake. Wor Bro Geoff Williams, the Wor Master of Lodge Enterprise No. 400, presented Brother Roy with his Seventy Year Certificate in front many of his co-residents. Wor Bro Geoff Williams is also V. Wor Bro. Roy Gibbs nephew.

The Presentation Group having Lunch before seeing V. Wor Bro Roy Gibbs