The Quiz Master and Adjudicator

The Teams attending

First meeting of 2018

Lodge Enterprise’s first meeting of 2018 was held on Monday night, 22nd January at the New Lambton Masonic Centre.

Owing to Lodge Enterprise meeting on the 22nd and Australia Day being held on the 26th January, the Worshipful Master, Wor. Bro. Geoff Williams, decided to forgo the Burns Night and instead hold an Australian Trivia Night. He arranged forty trivia questions based on Australian history. Questions such as “What year did Burke and Wills start their journey to cross Australia?”, “What was the name of Captain Cook’s ship before being re-named the Endeavour?” kept all present guessing or showing their knowledge skills.

These forty questions were arranged in four separate sets of ten questions and the papers collected after each set. The Wor. Master then scored the papers in between sets. While he was marking the papers, the Director of Ceremonies continued on with the next item of the Toast program for the Festive Board.

A table of mainly visiting Masons were the overall winners of the trivia. But Lodge Enterprise was the main winner because everyone present thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

The meal was a traditional Australian chicken salad, followed by lamingtons with ice cream covered with chocolate coating – a great selection owing to the hot weather. When closing the hall at 10.30pm, the outside temperature was still in the high twenties.