Brethren enjoying the Festive Board.


When Lodges amalgamate a “blending” occurs to some degree.  Lodge Enterprise, a product of many a blending over time, has continued a Fraternal Visitation arrangement with Lodge Wallis Plains.  This relationship has existed in several forms for 30 years or more.  It is seen by both Lodges as a healthy and desirable custom which should be continued to hopefully become a tradition.

On the evening of July 2nd, Lodge Enterprise visited Lodge Wallis Plains who were working a First Degree.  WBro Darryl Wade, the Master of Lodge Wallis Plains and his brethren, understandably keen to initiate their own candidate, allocated parts of the work to Masons from other Lodges including Lodge Enterprise.  This made for a very moving ceremony, with many Brethren working in harmony to see our new brother, Bro Jacques Tullio, made a Mason.

Seeing a man made a Mason is a special event at any time but this evening was special for another reason.  There were 4 Fraternal Delegations present in a Lodge Room filled with more than 60 Masons making this a memorable event indeed.  The number of visitors, including 18 Masons from Lodge Enterprise, was most significant and satisfying to the brethren of Lodge Wallis Plains.  This high level of visitation has been ascribed to a programme of encouragement promoted by the DGIW of District 15, VWBro Mark Pollard.  This occasion demonstrated its success.

The Festive Board was a happily festive occasion.  Thanks to the hard working Ladies in the kitchen, a fine meal was enjoyed by all.  The usual toasts and responses were succinctly delivered and well received and the raffle winners went home very pleased with themselves.

This was an evening which could be considered to be an excellent advertisement for Freemasonry, a superb first exposure to our mysteries for a candidate, and a most satisfying and encouraging experience for all in attendance.