Right Excellent Companion John Anderson Deputy First Grand Principal and Deputy Grand Master with the Three Principals of New Lambton Jubilee Royal Arch Chapter Rt. Ex. Companion Gordon Taylor, (2nd Principal, Ex. Companion Eric O’Driscoll, (First Principal) and Ex. Companion Barry Stephenson 3rd Princippal) at the annual Installation on 18-7-2018

The First Principal, Ex. Comp. Eric O’Driscoll being congratulated by
Rt. Ex. Comp. John Anderson, DFGP and DGM













by Ex. Comp. Barry Stephenson

There were 31 in attendance at the Annual RA Installation at New Lambton Jubilee Chapter held on Wednesday, 18th July, 2018 including the 1st Principal of Chapter St. Andrew – Muswellbrook.

The Deputy Grand Principal and Grand Master Rt. Ex. Companion John Anderson headed the Grand Delegation of a good number of Grand Officers.

Rt. Ex. Companion Richard Bell installed Ex. Comp. Eric O’Driscoll (of Lodge Enterprise) as 1st Principal. Rt. Ex. Comp. Bob Parker Re-installed Rt. Ex. Comp.  Gordon Taylor as 2nd Principal and V. Ex. Comp. Jim Richardson Re-installed Ex. Comp. Barry Stephenson as 3rd Principal. Other members of Lodge Enterprise No.400 also installed in office were Comp. David Padgett as Treasurer, Rt. Ex Comp. Dick Bell as Director of Ceremonies, Comp. Mark Wolff as 1st Assistant Sojourner, Comp. Paul Harden as Steward and Ex. Comp. Kevin Goodwin as Janitor.

The newly installed 1st Principal, Ex. Comp. O’Driscoll thanked the Chapter for entrusting him with his high office and stated that he would do all he could to ensure another successful year. Particular reference was made to Rt. Ex.  Comp. Gordon Taylor who was ‘standing down’ (to 2nd Principal) after another 2 years in the chair as 1st Principal.

At the conclusion of the Installation Ceremony all adjourned to a very enjoyable Installation Banquet catered by Teresa Campos.

Another successful night for New Lambton Jubilee Chapter and for Freemasonry.