Wor. Bro. Bryan Walker, Bro. Taren Poulton and V. Wor Bro Darrell Heard DGIW District 14

This year’s District 14 Combined Meeting was held under the Charter of Lodge Tomaree No 878. Lodge Tomaree holds its meetings in the Nelsons Bay Masonic Centre but on this occasion the meeting was shifted to the New Lambton Masonic Centre. This was well received as the evening was well attended.

The work for the evening was to pass Bro. Taren Poulten, a member of Lodge Tomaree, to the Second Degree. The Worshipful Master of Lodge Tomaree, W. Bro. Bryan Walker occupied the Chair and the most of the Offices in the Lodge were occupied by the Worshipful Masters of the Lodges in the District and the charges were also shared amongst the various Lodges.

The degree work of the 2nd degree was well executed by all concerned and Brother Poulten was an excellent candidate, thus making for a very enjoyable evening.

After the closing of the Lodge all adjourned to the South to partake of an excellent two course meal ably prepared by the DGIW, his wife, Toni and their children.

Another great night in Freemasonry.