Not Until We Have Gone


Worshipful Brother Paul Clarke

In the previous edition of the Stonecutter (No.80) there was an article entitled “Vale” concerning the death of our late member Wor. Bro. Paul Clarke, at whose funeral a Masonic Tribute was held.                                                 

 You have respect for your brother Masons but it is not until their passing do we find that the feeling of respect deepens: Your brother Mason passes to the Grand Lodge Above and you attend his funeral to pay your respects. You sit and listen to the service. A relation of the deceased goes up to the dais to give the eulogy. You hear of things that occurred in his lifetime and of course there are things that you never knew about. That is what happened to the members of Lodge Enterprise at the funeral of their esteemed brother Wor. Bro. Paul Clarke PM, held on the 7th June, 2019.

During his eulogy, Wor. Bro. Clarke’s son Anthony asked us all to have a look at a short film clip. It was the scene of a young woman and man riding horses towards a river. They jump off their horses, run to the water’s edge and embrace each other. They both appeared to be educated aboriginals. In fact the girl was aboriginal but the young man was only made to look like one by having his face and bare skin darkened. The young man was Paul Clarke acting in the film “Jedda”. We oldies will remember this famous Australian film which was made in 1950’s and was the first Australian film to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival. It was a hit at home as well as overseas. In those days it was an epic.

Although we did not know about “Jedda”, Paul’s acting abilities are of no surprise to us because of the way he performed the Charges in the different Degrees. Anthony also mentioned how he used to quote items from Shakespearian plays. He will be great missed.