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Farewell Dinner

                  Farewell Dinner A Combined Farewell Dinner was held at the Charlestown Leagues Club on Wednesday evening the 2nd November,2016 by members of Lodge Enterprise No.400, Cardiff- Speers Point Royal Arch Chapter No.132 and Newcastle Chapter No.3 of the Order of the Secret Monitor. The dinner was held to farewell V.Wor. Bro. David Marshall PDGIW District 14 and his mother, Mrs Gail Marshall. Gail has been a great supporter of David throughout his Masonic career and including his recently completed term as District Inspector. David is a member of quite a few different Orders of Freemasonry and his mother has been involved with most of them. She was an especially great supporter of Lodge Enterprise No.400, Cardiff- Speers Point Chapter and the Secret Monitors where she took over the duties of caterer for every meeting of the Lodge and Chapters, including purchasing of ingredients, cooking and preparing the meals Gail has just retired from work and has decided to reside in Dover in Southern Tasmania and David has made the decision to join her. No doubt David will quickly become involved in the various Orders of Freemasonry in Tasmania once they have settled in. He has also decided to remain a member of Lodge Enterprise, where he was initiated in February, 2005 and will fly up to Newcastle when able to...

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Grand Imperial Conclave 26th Annual Assembly

                The 26th Assembly of the Grand Conclave of the Knights of Rome and the Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine The Twenty Sixth Annual Assembly of the Grand Imperial Conclave for New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory was held on Saturday, 22nd October, 2016 at the Conference Centre of the Motto Farm Motel at Motto Farm, Raymond Terrace, just north of Newcastle. The event commenced with a ‘meet and greet’ session on the Friday night starting at 6pm. Members and their ladies from the Hunter Region joined in with visitors from other districts of N.S.W and Queensland. The Saturday assembly started at 3.00pm. Grand Conclave officers, Knights of the Order and ladies were seated before all except the ladies were asked to stand for the entry of the Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign, Most Illus. Knight Terry Ryan GCC. The minutes of the 25th Grand Assembly held on the 25th October 2015 were then confirmed and all regular business of the assembly was then completed. Representatives of Sister conclaves then entered the assembly and were welcome by Most Illus. Knight Ryan.  Most Ex. Comp. Robert Peattie, First Grand Principal and Grand Master of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Mark and Royal Arch Masons of NSW and the ACT and his delegation of Grand Chapter Officers were also welcomed as...

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Lodge Enterprise No. 400 September Meeting

                Lodge Enterprise No.400 – September 2016 Installation Meeting Monday, 26th September 2016 was our Installation meeting and on this occasion Wor. Bro. Geoff Williams was re-installed as Worshipful Master with over 60 in attendance. Although it has been many years since his last term in the chair, Geoff appears to have taken a firm hold on the reins of the Lodge. I think I can safely say our Installation meeting was an unqualified success, and I would like to congratulate Wor Bro Arthur Rolph for his outstanding effort as Installing Master and the musicians for their excellent harmony. Of particular note, we had three Master Masons presenting the Working Tools to the new WM and they all were a credit to themselves. The representative of the Most Wor Grand Master, Rt Wor Bro Alan Owen GJW was well supported by other Grand Lodge Officers and we had many visitors from lodges of the Newcastle and Hunter Valley area including a Fraternal Visitation from Lodge Port Stephens No.522. One special visitor was Bro Billy Baker from Lodge Laurel Wreath No. 149, Maryland USA. Particular thanks must be extended to Gail Marshall and her assistants for again supplying us with a fine Installation Banquet. I am not sure what we are going to do without her in the future as she is moving...

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Lodge Enterprise No.400 August Meeting Report

              Lodge Enterprise No.400 August 2016 Meeting Report It was another great night in Freemasonry but tinged with sadness when Lodge Enterprise No.400 held its August meeting. The work of evening was an explanation of the 1st Tracing Board, presented by Bro. Paul Harden. His presentation was well received and appreciated by all present, especially by our two Entered Apprentice Freemasons, Bro. Joel Shanahan and Bro. Tyler Crump. Before the presentation the Worshipful Master, Wor. Bro. Arthur Rolph, requested all Brethren present to pay their respects to the memory of our late distinguished and esteemed member Rt. Wor. Bro. Eric Neljandi PGSW, who passed to the Grand Lodge Above on Saturday, 20th August 2016. A minute’s silence was observed while the appropriate music was played. This meeting was the last meeting of the Lodge under the control of Wor. Bro. Rolph. The September meeting will be an Installation night. Wor. Bro. Rolph will Re-Install into the Chair of King Solomon Wor. Bro. Geoffrey Allan Williams. The Lodge will tyle at 6.00pm, visitors 6.30pm and Grand Lodge at 6.45pm. Before the Lodge was closed Wor. Bro. Rolph thanked the officers and members of the Lodge for their support over his two year term. After the closing all retired to the South to partake in the refreshments...

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Lodge Mayfield Daylight No 493 Meeting Aug. 2016

    Lodge Mayfield Daylight Meeting held  Tuesday 9th August 2016 The WM W. Bro. Frank Winsor welcomed all members and visitors and granted the freedom of the lodge to R.W Bro Gary Herrett of Lodge St. James 45 to present an address “Aspects of the First Degree”. R.W. Bro. Gary Herrett commenced the address with a history of the evolution of freemasonry and proceeded to give an explanation of the symbolic references in the preparation of candidates and symbols used throughout the ceremony of initiation. After explaining the roll of Grand Lodge he invited W. Bro. Don Catterall of Lodge City of Newcastle 170 to give an explanation of the first tracing board which was given in a professional and impeccable manner. In closing his address R. W. Bro Gary Herrett recounted the duties and values of a freemason as recommended in the final charge given to a candidate on his initiation. Bro. Frank Winsor then thanked R. W .Bro Gary Herrett and W. Bro Don Catterall for presenting a very interesting and thought provoking address before inviting all present to join him for lunch in the south. Our next meeting will be our installation meeting at the New Lambton Masonic Centre on Tuesday 13th September tyling at 9.30 am where W. Bro Frank Winsor will be reinstalled as W.M. for his second term and we welcome all...

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