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The Grand Imperial Conclave of NSW & ACT General Assembly

The Grand Imperial Conclave of NSW & ACT General Assembly The Grand Assembly of the Grand Imperial Conclave of NSW & ACT was held at Heatherbrae in the Hunter Valley of NSW on Saturday 13th July, 2019. The meeting was held mainly to review the common book of Statutes of the three Orders associated with the Red Cross of Constantine. The upgrades made by the Grand Executive Committee were presented in draft form for a full review by those in attendance for alteration and/or deletion if required. After much deliberation and discussion, a final draft was prepared and a motion that it proceed to the Grand Executive Committee for adoption was accepted. Three knights were presented to the Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign, Most Ill. Knight Michael Freeman Robinson GCC for investiture. They were Very Illustrious Knight Robert Peattie OAM as Grand Registrar, Very Illustrious Knight Robert Smith as Grand Treasurer and Very Illustrious Knight Bryan Davis as Grand Recorder (Secretary). This General Assembly was a special event because the last time a General Assembly had been held was in 1997. The General Assembly was closed and after a short break, all knights assembled in the dining room to meet up their ladies for a very enjoyable three course meal.          Another successful event  in...

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Not Until We Have Gone – Wor. Bro. Paul Clarke

Not Until We Have Gone   In the previous edition of the Stonecutter (No.80) there was an article entitled “Vale” concerning the death of our late member Wor. Bro. Paul Clarke, at whose funeral a Masonic Tribute was held.                                                   You have respect for your brother Masons but it is not until their passing do we find that the feeling of respect deepens: Your brother Mason passes to the Grand Lodge Above and you attend his funeral to pay your respects. You sit and listen to the service. A relation of the deceased goes up to the dais to give the eulogy. You hear of things that occurred in his lifetime and of course there are things that you never knew about. That is what happened to the members of Lodge Enterprise at the funeral of their esteemed brother Wor. Bro. Paul Clarke PM, held on the 7th June, 2019. During his eulogy, Wor. Bro. Clarke’s son Anthony asked us all to have a look at a short film clip. It was the scene of a young woman and man riding horses towards a river. They jump off their horses, run to the water’s edge and embrace each other. They both appeared to be educated aboriginals. In fact the girl was aboriginal but the young man was only made to look like one by having his face and bare skin...

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District 14 Combined Meeting

This year’s District 14 Combined Meeting was held under the Charter of Lodge Tomaree No 878. Lodge Tomaree holds its meetings in the Nelsons Bay Masonic Centre but on this occasion the meeting was shifted to the New Lambton Masonic Centre. This was well received as the evening was well attended. The work for the evening was to pass Bro. Taren Poulten, a member of Lodge Tomaree, to the Second Degree. The Worshipful Master of Lodge Tomaree, W. Bro. Bryan Walker occupied the Chair and the most of the Offices in the Lodge were occupied by the Worshipful Masters of the Lodges in the District and the charges were also shared amongst the various Lodges. The degree work of the 2nd degree was well executed by all concerned and Brother Poulten was an excellent candidate, thus making for a very enjoyable evening. After the closing of the Lodge all adjourned to the South to partake of an excellent two course meal ably prepared by the DGIW, his wife, Toni and their children. Another great night in...

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Royal Ark Mariner Degree

  by V.Wor. Bro. Barry Stephenson Wednesday, 17th April saw Bro. Tony Bayada of Lodge Enterprise elevated to the Royal Ark Mariner Degree at New Lambton Jubilee RA Chapter. Bro. Tony remarked that he has enjoyed all the Degrees he has received since joining the Royal Arch order and this was no exception. Three other members of Lodge Enterprise hold the top three offices in New Lambton Jubilee Chapter namely Wor. Bro. Eric O’Driscoll (1st Principal), V.Wor. Bro. Gordon Taylor (2nd Principal) and V.Wor. Bro. Barry Stephenson (3rd Principal). This made Tony feel very much at home for the interesting ceremony. New members and affiliates are most welcome at New Lambton Jubilee Chapter. For details contact the Secretary, Ian King on 4946 9710 or [email protected] Another great night in Freemasonry....

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Enterprise No.400 Meeting 22nd April, 2019 – ANZAC Service

   Monday, 22nd April, 2019 saw the annual ANZAC Service at Lodge Enterprise and was well attended by members and their ladies, as well as V.Wor. Bro. Darrel Heard DGIW District 14 and his wife.    After the regular business, the Lodge was closed and set up for the ceremony. The Wor. Master, V.Wor. Bro. Arthur Rolph then invited all present to enter the lodge room.    The ANZAC service was then conducted under the guidance of Wor. Bro. Phil Holden. Unfortunately, circumstances did not permit the 211 ACU cadets to form the catafalque party as their OIC, Lt. McNamara was otherwise occupied by his wife giving birth to a baby girl just prior to the meeting time. The cadets’ sentry places were taken by the 2 Wardens and 2 Deacons of the lodge. At the end of the moving service, a talk was ably presented by Bro. Mark Wolff.     After further words of welcome and thanking the piper, Wor. Bro. John Ross, the Enterprise Orchestra, and all who took part in the ceremony, the Wor. Master invited all present to adjourn to the Festive Board for the usual excellent meal and Enterprise fellowship.      Bro. Wolff was again called upon, this time to propose the Toast to Anzac and his words in proposing the toast were well received by all present. LEST WE FORGET           Another great...

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