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Royal Arch Installation, 18th July 2018 New Lambton Jubilee No.7

                        by Ex. Comp. Barry Stephenson There were 31 in attendance at the Annual RA Installation at New Lambton Jubilee Chapter held on Wednesday, 18th July, 2018 including the 1st Principal of Chapter St. Andrew – Muswellbrook. The Deputy Grand Principal and Grand Master Rt. Ex. Companion John Anderson headed the Grand Delegation of a good number of Grand Officers. Rt. Ex. Companion Richard Bell installed Ex. Comp. Eric O’Driscoll (of Lodge Enterprise) as 1st Principal. Rt. Ex. Comp. Bob Parker Re-installed Rt. Ex. Comp.  Gordon Taylor as 2nd Principal and V. Ex. Comp. Jim Richardson Re-installed Ex. Comp. Barry Stephenson as 3rd Principal. Other members of Lodge Enterprise No.400 also installed in office were Comp. David Padgett as Treasurer, Rt. Ex Comp. Dick Bell as Director of Ceremonies, Comp. Mark Wolff as 1st Assistant Sojourner, Comp. Paul Harden as Steward and Ex. Comp. Kevin Goodwin as Janitor. The newly installed 1st Principal, Ex. Comp. O’Driscoll thanked the Chapter for entrusting him with his high office and stated that he would do all he could to ensure another successful year. Particular reference was made to Rt. Ex.  Comp. Gordon Taylor who was ‘standing down’ (to 2nd Principal) after another 2 years in the chair as 1st Principal. At the conclusion of the Installation Ceremony all adjourned to a...

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Lodge Mayfield Daylight No 493 – July 2018

Report of meeting held Tuesday 10th July, 2018 Following the admission of visitors, the Worshipful Master, Wor. Bro. Les Cawthorne welcomed all present. A Charge was presented in the 1st degree by Wor. Bro. Hector Duncan, in the 2nd degree by Wor.Bro. Les Wilson and in the 3rd degree by Wor. Bro. Des Bakewell. The Charges were well presented and enjoyed by all present. Wor. Bro. Keith Sketchley was congratulated by the WM and presented with his 40 Year Certificate and Jewel by the DGIW  Very Wor. Bro. Tom Muir. The Secretary, Wor. Bro. Hector Duncan then presented Wor. Bro. Les Cawthorne with a Certificate acknowledging his 30 years service to Freemasonry and to Lodge Mayfield Daylight. Following the work in the Lodge Room all retired to the South to enjoy lunch with the WM. All Masons are welcome to attend our next meeting on Tuesday 14th August, tyling at 9.30am at the New Lambton Masonic Centre where the extended 1st Tracing Board will be presented by Wor. Bro. Les Cawthorne, Very. Wor. Bro. R. Doyle and Wor. Bro. W...

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Lodge Enterprise Breakfast – July 2018

Table 1 Espresso, situated at 89-93 City Road Merewether, was the venue for this month’s Lodge Enterprise No.400 get together breakfast. 11 Lodge Enterprise members and 1 member from Lodge Mayfield Daylight were in attendance to enjoy the fellowship,   starting with an early cup of coffee and a menu with over 20 different breakfasts to choose from. At the conclusion of the meal, several conversations were entered into on various Masonic topics, with the odd discussion on everyday events. All headed home (or to work) at 9.15 am after another very successful Lodge Enterprise event. Look out for the next one in August. It is open to any Freemason from the Newcastle area; you are quite welcome to...

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Fraternal Visit to Lodge Wallis Plains – 2nd July 2018

  When Lodges amalgamate a “blending” occurs to some degree.  Lodge Enterprise, a product of many a blending over time, has continued a Fraternal Visitation arrangement with Lodge Wallis Plains.  This relationship has existed in several forms for 30 years or more.  It is seen by both Lodges as a healthy and desirable custom which should be continued to hopefully become a tradition. On the evening of July 2nd, Lodge Enterprise visited Lodge Wallis Plains who were working a First Degree.  WBro Darryl Wade, the Master of Lodge Wallis Plains and his brethren, understandably keen to initiate their own candidate, allocated parts of the work to Masons from other Lodges including Lodge Enterprise.  This made for a very moving ceremony, with many Brethren working in harmony to see our new brother, Bro Jacques Tullio, made a Mason. Seeing a man made a Mason is a special event at any time but this evening was special for another reason.  There were 4 Fraternal Delegations present in a Lodge Room filled with more than 60 Masons making this a memorable event indeed.  The number of visitors, including 18 Masons from Lodge Enterprise, was most significant and satisfying to the brethren of Lodge Wallis Plains.  This high level of visitation has been ascribed to a programme of encouragement promoted by the DGIW of District 15, VWBro Mark Pollard.  This occasion demonstrated its...

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District 14 Charity Dinner – 9th June, 2018

                    A cold and wet night did not dampen the enthusiasm for a night of fun, fellowship and charitable deeds at the Masonic District 14 Charity Dinner held at the Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club in Wickham, Newcastle N.S.W. on the night of Saturday, 9th June, 2018. The dinner, with music from an 8 piece Celtic orchestra, was arranged by the Chairman of the District 14 Management Committee, V. Wor. Bro. Tom Muir, District Grand Inspector of Workings of District 14 and District 14 Secretary, Mrs. Carrol Burns. Congratulations to both of them for organising a wonderful night.   107 people attended the Charity Dinner including the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of NSW & the ACT, Most Worshipful Brother Jamie Melville and his wife, the First Grand Principal and Grand Master of the United Supreme Grand Chapter of Mark and Royal Arch Masons of NSW & the ACT, Most Excellent Companion Robert Peattie and his wife, several Councillors from Maitland City Council and their partners, Mr. Shane Conlon CEO of the Cancer Council of Australia, Hunter Branch,  Freemasons and their Ladies from Newcastle, Maitland and the Coalfield areas plus prospective candidates of several district Lodges.   During the night a lucky door prize of a pair of diamond earrings was won by Ms. Teresa Campos. Various...

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