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The Discovery Lodge of Research Visit – Jephthah – Hero or Reprobate?

                      This was the title of a talk given by V. Wor. Bro. Rev. Tom Hall at the meeting of The Discovery Lodge of  Research No.971 at the New Lambton Masonic Centre on Saturday evening, 7th October 2017. The Discovery Lodge of Research regularly holds its meetings in Sydney but on this occasion it used its travelling charter to hold an emergency meeting in support of the Newcastle Masonic Study Circle. The Worshipful Master of The Discovery Lodge of Research, Rt. Wor. Bro. Stewart Grant opened the lodge and welcomed all attending Masons, including the DGIW for District 14, V. Wor. Bro. Tom Muir. He then gave a short talk on the history of the lodge in which he mentioned that they had come to Newcastle in support of the Newcastle Masonic Study Circle. He mentioned in his talk that he and his visiting members were very impressed with the Study Circle library. Rt. Wor. Bro Grant then requested Bro. Ian King, President of the Newcastle Masonic Study Circle, to give a short talk on its history. Bro. King mentioned that the Newcastle Masonic Study Circle has a large library which has been in existence since 1957. After the Study Circle went briefly into recession about 5 years ago, the library was recovered and rehoused at New Lambton Masonic...

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Lodge Enterprise 400 – September 2017 Meeting

  Congratulations Lodge Enterprise No.400 on a wonderful night of Freemasonry.  Best wishes go to the Worshipful Master, Wor. Bro. Geoff Williams and all of his officers. Wor. Bro. Williams is carrying on as Worshipful Master for another year. He invested the new officers, presentations of the Working Tools of the 3 Degrees were made and the Three Installation Charges were presented. It was wonderful to be in the lodge room with so many dedicated Masons, made special by the presence of Bro. Billy Baker from the Laurel Wreath Lodge No.149, Maryland, USA. Bro. Billy has family in Newcastle, NSW and visits them regularly. It was good to see him back in Lodge Enterprise. To mark the occasion, the District Grand Inspector of Workings, V. Wor. Bro. Tom Muir presented Bro. Baker with a 50 year Masonic...

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Lodge Enterprise No 400 August Meeting 2017

The evening commenced with all the members and their families being welcomed into the Hall by the music of  “The Red River Roosters” band. As this was to be a Country Music evening, all the masons and their families arrived dressed in suitable attire for the evening’s fun. However, one or two visitors who had not been aware of the dress code for the evening arrived in their “penguin” suits, thus adding to this colourful group of masons ready for the August meeting of Lodge Enterprise. The Lodge was opened at 7 PM and a short business meeting was held with Lodge members and visiting masons present. At its conclusion the Worshipful Master welcomed all present and then closed the Lodge to retire and join with the ladies and guests in the South for an evening of Country Music and festivities. Our member numbers were down a bit due to holidays and sickness and maybe the quite chilly winters evening but it was more than made up for with our ladies and guests. Our Worshipful Master, W Bro Geoff Williams, who was part of the band, was also our MC and after grace,  organised the serving of the excellent meal, prepared by the “Kitchen Goddesses” (Teresa and Vicky). Some changes were made to the normal procedures of the festive board to suit the occasion (with the toasts etc) much...

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Visit to Lodge Army and Navy No.516

  Wor. Bro. Barry Stephenson, Wor. Bro. David Padgett and Wor. Bro. Arthur Rolph braved the pouring rain and heavy late afternoon traffic of Sydney to visit the Lodge Army and Navy No 517, meeting in the Sydney Masonic Centre on Wednesday night 12th April, 2017. Lodge Enterprise No.400 has had several visits by Bro. Roland Millbank, Director of Music of Lodge Army and Navy No.516, over recent times. This meeting was their annual “ANZAC” commemoration Service. Visiting Masons from England, America, local lodges and from Newcastle were invited into lodge room to witness the opening of the Lodge. Where all were given a very hearty welcome by the Worshipful Master, Wor. Bro. Robert Price. At the conclusion of lodge business the Lodge was closed and non-masons and ladies were admitted and welcomed to the Lodge room. As part of the ANZAC Service, V.Wor. Bro. Lt. Col Michael Price presented very interesting talk on the life of Major General Harold “Pompey” Elliott one of Australia’s most respected generals from World War 1. He is particularly remembered for his opposition to the infamous Battle of Fromelles which ultimately resulted in the loss of so many of his brigade. After the ceremony all then retired to the Festive Board for an excellent meal and an illustrated ANZAC presentation by Bro. Cpl. Lachlan Youll on his army experiences in Afghanistan....

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