Interested in becoming a Freemason?
To be one, ask one….

If you live in the Newcastle area and wish to know how to become a Freemason, please go to “Contact Us”page and send us an e-mail with your contact information, someone from Lodge Enterprise No.400 will get back to you.

Membership enquiries from outside of Newcastle or the Coalfields areas should be directed to a Lodge in the town you are interested in, or the closest town to you with a Masonic Lodge. Or contact the Grand Lodge of your State/Country.
Advise to those seeking membership
Having expressed a desire to become a Freemason, we presume you have had thoroughly considered the step you propose to take. The exact nature of our Institution being unknown to you, we consider it advisable that you should be informed of certain points, the knowledge of which might affect your decision to apply for membership.

Not all men can become Masons,
however. Masonry does not claim to make“bad men good men,” only “good men better.” This distinction is critical, only men of good character are accepted into Fraternity. Masonic lodges review every applicant’s character – and the centuries-old “blackball” system is still in place; candidates for the fraternity must be balloted for and accepted by the lodge Members present.

Freemasonry strives to teach a man the duties he owes to God, his neighbor and himself. It has for its foundation the great basic principles of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, and requires a belief in the immortality of the Soul. It is concerned neither with religion nor politics. Admission to the Institution must not be sought from mercenary or other unworthy motives, or from hope of personal gain or advancement. Anyone so actuated will be disappointed, and in all friendship, we warn you.

Freemasonry has in all ages insisted that men shall come to its door entirely of their own free-will; not as a result of solicitation; not from feelings of curiosity; but from a favourable opinion held of the Institution and a desire to be ranked among its members.

We think it is advisable to inform you that should you be admitted, it will require certain financial obligations, which you should be able to afford without detriment to yourself or those dependent on you. In addition to the fees payable with your application, there will be an annual subscription to the Grand Lodge and also monthly fees for the support of your Lodge, as provided by the Bye-Laws of the Lodge.

We trust you will consider these statements in the same spirit of honesty and friendship in which they have been presented. It is of the utmost importance to you as well as to Freemasonry that the motives and ideals governing your daily life be in substantial accord therewith.

Do you wish to find out more about Freemasonry?
We gather at Lodge Enterprise No 400 on the fourth Monday of each Month except December, in which it is held on the Third Monday, our meeting time is 7:00pm
Whilst some of what we do cannot be shown or told to you until you yourself become a mason, our doors are always open at 6:30pm or so on these nights, and you are more than welcome to drop in and have a chat with members, and have a cup of coffee with us.
This way you can meet the members and officers and we will be happy to answer as many of your questions as we can. Ask all the questions you wish about us and Freemasonry.
Please don’t be concerned or nervous about stopping by. We will welcome you with open arms and do our best to make you feel at home.

Is joining a Freemasons Lodge Expensive?
Before joining any organization, most people will want to know what it costs. Club and organization membership can cost as little as a few dollars a month for a service organization membership, to thousands of dollars a year for a country club membership!
But fear not, comparable to most organizations, becoming a mason is usually within most working men’s budgets. Remember, that the roots, of Masonry was with working men, not aristocrats.
Of course this amount varies from Lodge to Lodge, and state to state, but here at Lodge Enterprise No.400, if you can afford basic pay TV; your dues will seem tiny in comparison.
Membership dues are not something Masons care to advertise, but if you are serious about joining Freemasonry, you can get the answers to any other questions simply by asking at Lodge Enterprise No.400.

To make further inquiries

Please go to the Contact us Page.